Game of Thrones Slots is a free-to-play mobile casino game where players can win coins while spinning the reels and completing challenges, with these coins then used to unlock new machines, improve gameplay, or purchase in-game rewards. Regular gameplay will help increase chances of free coins being awarded, but it is also essential that a means be found of managing how much money will be allowed per gaming session, to prevent high losses that cannot be afforded as temptation arises to spend more than you can afford to lose.

Game of Thrones slots from Zynga Studios is an engaging new mobile app designed for slot fanatics who also happen to love watching their favourite television show, inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire and Westeros on an epic quest for power and glory. Players choose their house during their journey across Westeros in search of glory and power!

GOT fans will surely enjoy spending hours immersed in its immersive atmosphere! As a social casino game, this allows users to interact with fellow gamers, strategize their conquests and compete against other houses for great rewards.

Players can earn daily bonuses simply by logging in regularly, while making it to the top of leaderboards will result in winning an abundance of coins that can then be redeemed for more games or used to purchase rewards through Iron Bank Coin Store.

While there are various ways to gain free coins on game of thrones slots, one of the best methods is creating a regular playing habit by logging in and playing frequently. This will increase your chances of acquiring Iron Bank Coins faster while speeding up game progress. Furthermore, playing on an unfamiliar device may further increase chances of success!

Game of Thrones Slots features four sets of free spin bonuses that offer unique rewards to individual houses. Each free spin bonus contains different sets of symbols as well as its own multiplier and bonus cycle, giving individual houses access to special rewards. Stark House provides 14 free spins with a 3x multiplier and five stacks of the direwolf sigil, while Lannister House offers 10 with 4x multipliers and four stacks of the roaring lion symbol. To unlock these bonuses, players need to level up their house. This can be achieved by participating in weekly ‘For the Throne’ leagues where houses compete against one another to capture individual regions within Seven Kingdoms – this gives players massive prizes such as free Coins or even access to an Egg minigame!

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